Online Statewide Legal Intake and Screening

Northwest Justice Project (NJP) has an online application process and triage tool, CLEAR*Online.

If you are looking for legal help or information, you may use the online portal to

Submit an application 24/7 for legal assistance. You may submit an application for help with most problems relating to public benefits or loss of housing. CLEAR will follow up by calling you unless you prefer to call CLEAR. You will be offered 3 time windows between 8:15AM and 4:00 PM in which to receive a callback.
Obtain a preliminary screening for other types of legal problems. If it looks like you will qualify for assistance (financially and problem type), you may electronically transfer relevant information in advance so that when you call CLEAR, the intake interview will take less time.
Find other resources related to the problem: Whether or not you qualify for assistance from CLEAR, at the end of the application NJP will provide publications, other organizations and web resources that may help resolve the problem.
Applicants may access the online application at: