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Legal Help for Individuals facing Home Foreclosure

The 2011 Washington State Legislature enacted landmark legislation expanding the rights of homeowners facing foreclosure. Homeowners referred by an attorney or certified housing counselor have the right to participate in face-to-face mediation with their lenders in an effort to avoid foreclosure. The Foreclosure Fairness Act also greatly expanded the number of certified housing counselors and provided additional funding for civil legal representation of homeowners facing foreclosure.

To learn more about the Foreclosure Fairness Act and the difference it is making for Washington Homeowners, go to the Department of Commerce’s FFA website.

Homeowners who are behind in their payments or who have received a Notice of Foreclosure should call:

Home Ownership Information Hotline
1-877-894-HOME (4663)
Statewide Civil Legal Aid Foreclosure Hotline

Learn more at