About OCLA

The Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid

“The provision of civil legal aid services to indigent persons is an important component of the state’s responsibility to provide for the proper and effective administration of civil and criminal justice”  RCW 2.53.005

The Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA) is an independent judicial branch agency.  It is responsible for administration and oversight of state funds that are appropriated by the Legislature to provide civil (not criminal) legal aid services to low income people in Washington State.

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OCLA funds and oversees three main programs:  (1) the general civil legal aid program; (2) a program providing civil legal aid to victims of crime; and (3) a program providing legal representation for children who remain in foster care six months following the termination of their parents’ legal rights.  For more information on these programs, click here.

Bipartisan Oversight

The activities of the Office of Civil Legal Aid are overseen by an 11-member bipartisan Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee. 


The Office of Civil Legal Aid ensures that state-appropriated civil legal aid funding is used for the purposes for which it has been appropriated and that the services provided are delivered efficiently, effectively and consistently throughout the state.  The OCLA monitors the activities of state-funded legal aid providers and ensures fiscal accountability and compliance with the statute governing the use of state-appropriated civil legal aid funding.

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Other Important Information

The Office Of Civil Legal Aid’s Policy on Public Records

The Office of Civil Legal Aid is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  OCLA EEO POLICY.

Judicial Branch Whistleblower Protection Applies to Office of Civil Legal Aid

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