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“… And Justice For All

Watch the trailer and full video to see how civil legal aid solves problems, gives hope and redeems lives one person at a time.

“… One Person at a Time:  Tarra Simmons”

Watch this video of a former civil legal aid client telling how civil legal aid changed her life.

“Civil Legal Aid:  The Business Case”

Watch this video of Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith, explaining why businesses care about civil legal aid and justice for all.

FY 2019-21 Budget Development Process

Client Service – Client Demographic Matrix (updated 2016 5-year ACS) (w-VOCA cuts and 20 FTE’s) (TC Restored) 8-19-19

FY 2019-21 Budget Development Memo 1-5-18

Matrix Q & A 1-18-18

Survey Results and Observations 2-9-18_ Draft Final

Memo to 2-23-18 Mtg Participants and DSCo 3-5-18 FINAL

Alliance Program Director Additional Budget Development Considerations — 2-23-18

Memo to Delivery Systems Committee and EJC – 6-26-19

Comments Received Regarding CJRP Expansion

Memo Re CJRP Expansion 8-19-19

2016 Civil Justice Reinvestment Plan

2015 Civil Legal Needs Study Update Related Materials:

2016 Statewide Civil Legal Aid to Crime Victims Program

Family Law Automated Forms Assembly System (Technology Assisted Forms)

TAF Project Plan – Summary

TAF Project Timeline

2003 Civil Legal Needs Study

The Office of Civil Legal Aid is required to report biennially on the status of access to the civil justice system for low-income people eligible for state-funded legal aid.

2011 Biennial Report on the Status of Access to the Civil Justice System for Low-Income People Eligible for State-Funded Civil Legal Aid

2009 Biennial Report on the Status of Access to the Civil Justice System for Low Income People Eligible for State-Funded Civil Legal Aid

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