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Certification Forms

2014 Training Videos and Materials

Advocating for Very Young Children

CAROS Training Video (9/29/2014)

2015 Training Videos and Materials

2016 Training Videos and Materials

2017 Training Videos and Materials

2018 Training Videos and Materials

2019 Training Videos and Materials (CLE activity ID: 1133948)

2021 Training Videos

A Conversation About the Manifestation of White Supremacy in the Institution of Child Welfare* (CLE  activity ID: 1167618)
Part I
Part II

Achieving the Family First Act’s Goals: A New Implementation Tool* (CLE activity ID: 1168806)
Written Materials

How to Litigate Race Bias Part I (CLE activity ID: 1174072)
How to Litigate Race Bias Part II (CLE activity ID: 1162460)

Borders of Belonging
Narrative Burden (adoptees responses to outsider questions)
Not Just “White Parents with Kids of Color”: The Importance of Racial Identity Work for Parents
Rethinking Fit (in the context of transracial adoption)
Teaching Culture: Understanding the Complexities

 Reinstatement of Parental Rights* (CLE activity ID: 1160757)

2022 Training Videos

The Ethics of Submitting a Report to Court in Dependency Proceedings  (CLE activity ID: 1199734)

Special Immigrant Status (SIJS) (CLE activity ID: 1218457)

Holistic Youth Defense Training Series (CLE activity IDs: Part I: 1227814; Part II: 1227815)